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Superhero Kids Free Printable

I Can Be a Superhero Freebie

I recently reviewed Barbara Gruener's book, What's Under Your Cape? Superheroes of the Character Kind. It's a total keeper! Hop on over to the post on it, to read all the lovely details! The book inspired me to create this free printable to use with or without the book. (You're totally gonna want the book,'s that good!)

Click image above to get your instant download!

Encourage Intentional Superhero Actions!
Help kids be superheroes every day, by encouraging them to be intentional about ways they can be of service to others. Being of service is a central theme in the work I do daily, as it is for Barbara. Not only that, just as Barbara does, I try to inspire the kids and adults I work with to do the very same. It was a central theme in a training I recently did for educators in South Dakota. It's a core value I have...and I know that as much we give, we get back tenfold. 
So encourage a little superhero action today in the…

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